Our People-Centric Security Solution – e-Safe Compliance enable data owners:

– to monitor and comply with the regulatory and legal requirements concerning

sensitive personal and organisation data

– to administer digital assets effectively for use in accordance to company policy

– to protect sensitive information within files through encryption and rights management

– to understand data leakage risk

– to audit the usage of digital assets

NPCORE: 2-Level Randsomware/APT Protection Solution.

– specialized in defense solution against unknown APT and Ransomware

– provides two-level defense on network and endpoint based on behaviour

– minimizes the false positive rate and enables accurate judgment and prompt response

– detects / blocks malware that bypasses the network and infiltrates

Comprehensive Awareness & Management tool that delivers continuous Single Pane

of Glass visibility for an organization to manage their invariable “Fog of More” portfolio of

installed cybersecurity tools.

Developed for CISO’s and senior infosec & IT Managers, Cyber Observer automatically

deploys to the corporate network in a matter of a few hours, connecting to the security

and related 3rd party tool suite to provide & recommendations to power up cybersecurity

and mitigate cyber risks.

– Best indicators as to the types of cybersecurity tools that are misconfigured,

malfunctioning or simply lacking and need to be purchased to provide cybersecurity protection

– Revealed security gaps that exist in each security domain, deliver continuous

proactive recommendations to ensure closure

– Analytics engine that continuously calculates and monitors normal network

behaviour, alerting in case of deviation

Modern two factor authentication

Balancing security and usability has always been a challenge. Software authentication,

including passwords, sms and mobile apps are all increasingly vulnerable to malware and hackers.

Yubico set new global authentication standards by enabling one single security key to access

computers, phones, networks and online services—all in a simple touch.

It works with hundreds of enterprise, developer and consumer applications, out-of-the-box

and with no client software.

Combined with leading password managers, social login and enterprise single sign on systems

the YubiKey enables secure access to millions of online services.